Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost?

When we began our business two years ago, we had two specific goals in mind.

  1. Everybody knows that the grass roots of golf is struggling and we wanted to work with golf clubs across the country and do what we could to help them, whilst building a sustainable business.
  2. We always had the long term plan of working with both golf clubs and golfers directly. Later this year we will be launching our native app, built specifically for golfers and we will generate our revenue through the app membership.

With this in mind we have two ways of working with the club. You can either pay for the filming, and it’s yours to do with as you want. Alternatively we can film the flyover for free, and at the bottom of the video there will be an advertising banner of which we will generate our revenue.

Talk to us about both alternatives and we will work with you to suit your clubs ethos and outlook.

If we choose to go down the advertising route, who will advertise?

That decision is entirely up to you. We will work with the club in attracting a sponsor, so the responsibility is not yours alone. If we provide a sponsor for you, you have the power of veto so the club will never feel compromised.

Will the videos be on our website?

Of course – we’re working with golf clubs to build the game of golf and so they need to be on your website, as well as used on your social media channels such as Facebook and Twitter. We’re a marketing team with years of experience and we know how to promote your club.

Excitingly however, not only will your videos be on your site, but later this year they will be on our app which will be used to promote your club directly to golfers everywhere.

What is the app that you are developing?

The app is the future of our business. Central to our work, it will be a membership based app which houses a number of sections including but by no means exclusively, the flyovers we create.

We’re really excited about its development but it’s important that we don’t rush things.
As soon as it’s ready, we’ll be sure to make a big announcement.

Is there a contract and how long are we tied in for?

There is a simple contract, just to outline our obligations to each other. The contract is one year in length if you choose to have advertising on the adverts. After that, it is a rolling contract.

It's too good to be true...

That’s what our 40+ clubs that we worked with last year said and they are all happy!

We’re building a long term business and expect to be around for many years to come. We believe that for far too long Golf Clubs have had many people take from them, and very little given back. We are wanting to buck that trend by building a sustainable business that is good news to the world of golf.

There really is nothing to lose, but if you have any questions, do contact us using the form below or call and have a chat – 0161 207 1818.

How long is the filming process?

The filming process takes a single day. There is no need to close the course whilst we are with you, just inform your golfers that we will be filming. We respect all golfers that play on the day and there will be no interruptions to their play.

How long before we get the finished product?

We are able to process the film within three weeks of us being with you. However your choice of voice-over will have an impact on the timing of the final product being released to you. Some of our voice-over artists are busier than others and we are always subject to their schedules. However in the majority of cases we can usually get the artist in the studio within 4 weeks of filming.

Who provides the voice-over?

There are several choices in regards to your voice-over. Our two main voice-over artists are John Cook and Peter Alliss. We provide John Cook for free, but there is an additional charge to have Peter Alliss lend his voice to your course. We also have both Tom Abbott and Steve Rider available, again at a cost, but both highly desirable. If you have a preference for someone else to provide your voice-over, do speak to us and we can make it happen.

Is this the real voice of Peter Alliss?

peter (1)It most certainly is. The one, the only, and the “voice of golf” himself, Mr Peter Alliss (why isn’t he a knight of the realm we just don’t know.)

More than that, he works with Flyover 18 exclusively. Only the best for Peter!

Does Flyover 18 need anything from us?

On the day we come to film we need to ensure that all guests have been informed that we will be filming and that the course is looking its best, so we hope that there will be good communication between ourselves and the secretary/GM.

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