Meet the Flyover 18 Team

David Webster

David Webster

David is the founder of Flyover 18 and passionate about his work..

With over 20 years of experience, most people think of David as a videographer/editor, but once you’ve seen his work, you’ll think he’s a magician!

David doesn’t do social media…

Gordon Hall

Gordon Hall

Gordon is the co-founder of Flyover 18 and brings a wealth of experience in IT, web design,  marketing and management.

Occasionally found out on the course. he is best placed to run the growing operations of Flyover 18.

Tim Butcher

Tim Butcher

When Tim isn’t working hard for Flyover 18, you’ll probably find him playing on a nearby course.

Alternatively he’ll be curled up on a couch watching golf, or talking about golf, or…. you get the idea. Tim loves golf!

A brief history of a unique start-up company

In late 2013, the seed of a successful business was created – to use drones to provide video footage for golf courses.
It took over a year to develop the concept, build the team and get the business to a functional and sustainable position.

We started work properly at the end of 2014, but it was at the beginning of the 2015 season that we really launched ourselves into the golfing world.

Furthermore, we caught the attention of the voice of golf himself, Peter Alliss, who fully endorses our work and now works exclusively with us in the growing field of promotional videos for golf clubs.

Throughout 2015 we filmed a variety of golf clubs, competitions, charity days and events, all with the sole purpose of building the game of golf.

2016 is proving to be an exceptional year of growth with big plans to work with a large number of golf clubs up and down the country. Furthermore, we’re developing the business in a variety of ways and can assure all golf clubs that by working with Flyover 18, they can be secure in the knowledge of working with a forward thinking company that loves golf and the golfing industry.

We’d love for you to join with us.

One of our favourite quotes is “Be so good you can’t be ignored.” With that in mind we strive for excellence each and every day.

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